Scared and confused

Jennifer • Hoping for a positive outcome this time around
My pregnancys have never been simple lost a daughter nov 13 of last yr  at 35 weeks due to embilical cord and a son at 23 weeks pre term labor im on my 3 rd pregnancy and im excited and nervous at the same time at times i dont even feel pregnant At times if it wasnt for nausea i wouldnt even know this time around my delivery will not be vaginal because of what happend the last delivery an the fact that i am extremely high risk . But what is so crazy is that though my belly for my daughter went pretty smooth this one is even smoother and its scary i have gestational D an with this belly i actually have it under control not sure if it has to do with the fact that im counting cals an really watching what i eat but im a lil nervouse that something might go wrong cause its going so smoothly is it normal to feel this way ?