Serious pain!!!

Mariah • Nerd. MCU <3
So I don't know what that was... The only logical thing I can come up with is that the baby was pushing off to move down. 
I started getting pain in my back, my entire back, and my rib cage. Not lower tummy pain. It was piercing almost. It got worse so I decided to take a hot shower. While in the shower I got this sudden urge to throw up. So I did. And I couldn't stop! And it only made everything tighter and more intense in pain to where I was having to focus just to breathe and my husband came in and helped me up, helped me get dressed. He was wonderful. He got a trash can next to the bed and massaged my upper back as I tried to breathe and was basically moaning in pain. On a scale of 1-10 it was a 9 directly after throwing up, and 8 once I laid on my side. Again it wasn't in my lower region. All upper on my left and right side and the pain even Eminated to my collar bone. I laid like that for quite sometime not wanting to go to the hospital... After about 15 minutes of laying there the pain ceased. All at once. When I got up the baby felt lower.. To where I almost feel like I need to waddle when I walk. But... I don't see how him moving down would have caused all the pain in my upper torso?? Any ideas??? I'm 36 weeks.