Those new period softcups!!!!

Will never ever try that again! The weird part being that I'm sad- they were so comfortable & I really had no idea it was in there! Plus you can have sexual intercourse with it in, & you can wear it for 12 hours. Not to mention that you can't get TSS, and it masks ALL odor, & I mean -even that little bit of period odor... I LOVED💟 IT‼️‼️😢👍🏼.... And then I tried to take it out... Maybe someone else has success w these & can tell me what I did wrong but I went into whole panic at h mode as I slipped my finger in to pull in out just like the directions, and it was IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! It just wasn't doable!!!! Talk about a level 10*** PANIC ATTACK‼️ Had to call the hubby, explain that I had an emergency & couldn't get that thing out.... Of course there was a long pause as he tried to figure out... & I interjected w: THAT THING, I stuck inside for my period????? & then I got the " Oh sh**" reaction and he came home from work & performed some gynecologist exam to get it out..., BTW, it wasn't pleasant.... 
       Anyways, though you guys might have a tip for me or agree w me???