Jennifer • Had baby girl
From my own experience I know labor and delivery is different from pregnancy to pregnancy and woman to woman. With my first baby I was in labor for 24 hours and didn't even realize it. I had uncomfortable menstrual like cramps. When I went to the doctor the next day I was already 6 almost 7 centimeters. With my daughter I started to leak fluid but the hospital told me it wasn't my water. Within seconds my water broke completely and I was in full blown labor. 10 minutes later I had my daughter. I'm afraid that I won't know when I'm starting to go into labor. Or I'm afraid my water will break when I'm at work. I'm already having horrible anxiety about going through labor and delivery but this just adds to it. I'll be 37 weeks on Sunday. Last check I was soft and thin but no dilating yet. Any advice would be great.