Sick? Advice please!

My morning sickness is coming back full force but there are other symptoms that are generally normal but all at the same time are freaking me out.

I thought i was legitimately sick at first and was told it was probably a virus abd would pass. However that was a week and a half ago abd i don't feel any better.


-dry hot feeling, can't cool down

-not getting enough air, feel like im suffocating



- weak

-heart palpitations

-extreme nausea but unable to vomit

-light headed

-unable to focus vision

-feeling slightly disoriented and weird, like something is very not-right but nothing "hurts".

I keep getting blown off because everytime i try to explain that all this happens at once and kind of leaves me either sitting in my car or on the floor or wherever, hoping for it to pass, i get cut off with "well that's normal" after every individual symptom. :/