Drug use in pregnancy RANT


Ok so let me first start by saying that anyone who has a past with drugs alcohol etc I applaud you in every way for turning your life around and completely understand how difficult it is to kick ab addiction and it's life long however....

I am so fed up of people saying it's ok to take drugs when your pregnant

I'm absolutely gobsmacked by the amount of posts saying they're smoking pot while pregnant or have been taking stuff during the first few weeks because the placenta is doing the job of nourishing baby. How can so many women really be so silly.

Most congenital defects etc happen within the first 8 weeks of a baby's life. They are the most important weeks for forming heart etc and you are 100% taking a chance when you choose to do drugs.

If your planning a pregnancy then why not commit yourself to say ok I'll stop BEFORE I get pregnant not when.....it is a choice you make as a mother to do this with your unborn baby developing inside you.

We simply do not know enough about the effects of drugs in the womb isn't that reason enough not to take the chance...don't you want your pregnancy to be as healthy as it possibly can be. I know there are women who have done drugs there whole pregnancy and had a perfect baby...trust me I understand that but that's not you and that's not your baby. I'm not a saint I'm not saying that you don't deserve a baby because you happen to smoke pot or do whatever...but I am saying you have a choice to give your baby every healthy chance and that's what a good mother is...someone who puts her baby's needs before hers everytime. Wishing you all healthy pregnancies x