In-law rant! 😑😑😑

B β€’ Mommy of one πŸ’œ
So I feel bad cuz my in laws house just burned down Halloween night while they were at my house babysitting... WELL I am totally okay with them living with us (cuz they are till they either buy a new house or rebuild Andy it's done) but it drives me nuts when my father in law holds my 17 month old at night and looks at me like haha he wants me more and like asks me thing like does he always squeeze your finger? I say yea.... He always has he has to hold my hand. And always tries to get him to sleep while holding him when I have been having a routine with him going to sleep in his bed! There is a lot more I just don't feel like typing forever I just feel like he is trying to make me feel like my son loves him more... And also how he gives or does whatever he wants with him regardless of what I say! Like pop or candy or just anything!!! So completely frustrated! I am happy to help them but at the same time I am stressed like I don't have my calm relaxed living environment anymore! They are so chaotic! Ones and alcoholic too 😫..... I need a bath πŸ˜’