Carys • 12/03/2011 💑 01/12/2015 👧🏻
So my doctor believes I have something called obstetric cholestatis, and I have a consultant meeting on Tuesday regarding induction and labour etc, but my blood work came back satisfactory, basically the bile from my liver is going into my blood stream and coming out into my skin and there's been research behind it and after 37 weeks it can cause still birth and problems etc, but it has me so worked up! My doctor has said to be on the safe side it is still best to induce as sometimes blood work cannot pick up on it, but I'm showing all of the symptoms so at my consultant meeting on Tuesday would should I tell them that I would like to go ahead with induction at 37 weeks to be on the safe side because I know for definite it would make me overly paranoid if not and I would stress myself out so much, would you say better to be safe than sorry? Because I'm on two mind frames! My family would really like me to go ahead and be induced

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