I dyed my hair..purple!

I'm a hair dye beginner (I've done maybe five box dyes in my life, and have had it professionally dyed only once), but I wanted to try something different...my hairdresser bailed on me kinda last minute, so I spent the past week trying to get my hair from this....
 To this....
I did a "bleach bath" (mixing your bleach mix with shampoo to make it gentler-something I discovered thanks to the Internet) to lift the color from my roots and take some of the old color out, then I dyed it the following day with a "permanent" dye that promptly washed out only a week later, leaving me with this: (it's supposed to be vivacious red...there was nothing vivacious about my hair after I washed it😒...you can also see how patchy and crappy my bleach job was😩)
Finally, I applied a mix of Adore's semi-permanent raging red and rich eggplant. I mixed the two colors together with some conditioner, then applied it, left it for an hour, and washed it out. I'm digging the finished product!!!
 Any other hair DIYers out there? What was your most recent hair DIY project?