Natural supplements while ttc


Hi All,

My name is Karissa! I have been TTC for 11 months and was diagnosed with PCOS in April! This is my first month trying something new. I am currently taking Provera and Metformin (provera the 1st of the month through the 10th) and this month I decided to start a few different supplements. I am taking 120mg of Soy Isoflavones (CD 3 through CD 7), 2000mg of Evening Primrose Oil (CD1 until ovulation), 1575mg of Maca Root, in addition to my prenatal vitamin with folic acid, and an iron supplement. I joined this message board because I was not getting much support on the others I was apart of. I would love to hear your thoughts on the supplements I am taking, what your experiences were/are, success stories, unsuccessful stories, advice on other supplements to try, advice periodn etc. I am not ready for fertility treatments if I can go a more natural route.