Just left my fertility doctor

Jessica • Happily married. Four beautiful kiddos.. 5 Angel babies.
I'm just so completely frustrated and just flat out more confused then before i even went. Every time i leave the office i feel like i don't get direct answers about anything. Does anyone else feel like this? Not to mention my appt was at 2:30 and the doctor didnt get there until 4 and then wasn't going to be able to see me until 5:30. 3 hours past my appt time. Ugh. I'm thinking maybe it's time to switch fertility specialists. I know my doctor has so many great reviews all over but I'm feeling I'm just being looked at as dollar signs and not an actual person in need. I'm just ready to get all the answers and have a happy healthy baby in 9 months and no more miscarriages. I'm feeling so hopeless and just so confused. Sorry just needed to vent!