So it's true....

This is my first pregnancy, but I've always heard from friends that once you get pregnant you instantly get bombarded with attention, advice and opinions. 
I have been trying to keep my cool, but dear lord some people push me to the edge! First it started with opinions on me naming my son Otis if we had a boy (we're not it's a girl). Even though I stated over and over it was my husband's grandfather's name and we loved it, people would blatantly make faces when they heard the name. One girl actually hated it so much that she brought it up in front of every coworker and polled them on whether they hated the name or not. Very irritating 😡
Now everyone is asking about my "birth plan", which is a home birth with a midwife. This has always been my desire, and my husband is very comfortable with that. But, alas, I work in the birth center of a hospital and these women think it's their duty to lecture me on the "dangers" of a home birth and stare at me in disbelief. A hospital birth is not the experience I seek, but if for some reason I had to be in the hospital I am fully okay with that, as if my midwife. One woman actually got mad at me, because 40 years ago her child was born with defects and "would have died" if born at home. 
Ugh. I just had to vent. If people don't want to know, then don't ask me! I'm not willing to lie to make others feel comfortable. I'm educated, informed on all scenarios and not making "reckless" decisions for myself or my child! Leave me alone! I'm sure you ladies have all dealt with the same issues...😉