Did you know you can be alergic to semen?

Chrystal • With my SO for 9 years & 8 months /married 5 years & 8 months. It is July 2016 & we have been TTC our 1st child since Jan 2015. <3

I just found out that I may be allergic to semen. We have been TTC for a year and no luck. It appears that my body works properly. I do not have PCOS & while I may ovulate somewhat irregularly, I do ovulate. I have a lot of stuff to go through to find out if I am allergic or not, but if I am it may mean I cannot have children or will have a long road to get pregnant & may have to resort to AI to get it to happen. 😢 From what I'm being told, this is extremely rare so I am hopeful this is NOT the case.. and IF I am allergic, it seems it is a somewhat "mild" allergy because some women actually break out in hives or have even fainted or had a full anaphylactic reaction from this.

So anyways, I was just wondering how many people even knew this was a thing that could happen.

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