Hi ladies, I just wanted to tell you and ask you all something. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with my wnd child and been engaged for 3 years now and I have a 2 and 1/2 year old daughter. I've also been a stay at home mom since my 1st daughter was born and now I'm pregnant with my wnd daughter anyway I've been trying to get back to work but we don't have or put our daughter in daycare bcuz of financial hardship and there is only one income coming in being that my fiance is the only one who works. My question to you ladies is, is it bad for the father of your child to leave you without any money, I mean it's been like this as long as I can remember especially now. I know I shouldn't be dependent on him but have been bcuz he has been keeping a roof over our heads but I need to know if it's bad that he doesn't leave me with any money or is that like a control thing so I don't have to go anywhere or spend any money. Thanks any answer would be kindly appreciated.