Well... That was discouraging...

Woke up this morning to use the bathroom, and then went back to bed and thought my water broke. I contacted my midwife after I had a few contractions, and then called my husband and told him to come home from work. 
Contractions are consistant all morning and remaining 10-12 minutes apart. My husband and I went for a walk and contractions started to pick up so my midwife said to come in to confirm that my water ruptured and to see how things are progressing. 
We went there and my water indeed didn't break but I did have my bloody show, and am only 1 cm dilated. 
Contractions seem to be slowing down, but at least I know labor is coming soon. Today was my due date, so I thought it would be cool to have my son on that day. Hopefully something happens soon!