Taiwan? Vaccines?

Hey everyone,
So this baby is due in June, right around the time when my uncle/aunt/cousins in law from Taiwan will be arriving to stay the summer with us and other family members. I love these individuals SO much but I don't know if, in Taiwan, they regularly get vaccinated or not? I am putting in place a no vaccine no seeing the baby rule until the baby has had their vaccines and I just don't know what the liklyhood of our family from out of country to have had their shots already when they were younger or older? 
Thank you for any insight.
Also please keep any comments concerning the vaccine debate off of this post-this isn't a to vaccine or not vaccine issue it is a "what mom thinks is best for her own child" issue. Thank you for being respectful of my opinions as I am respectful of yours-as a feminist I believe it is your right to choose to vaccine or not and as a mother even more so...