Feeling Hormonal RAGE

My SO is literally a dream. I love him. I adore him. He's helpful and sweet.

But my hormones. Are going to cause me to lose. My. Mind.

He keeps sighing and acting irritable while on the computer and I'll say, "What's wrong?" Or "What's going on?" And he just ignores me. I think it's becuase he feels bad complaining to me while I'm so uncomfortable, but say something!!

Then there's this thing where he talks about not having any time to do anything at all but when I suggest we go do something after work he says he just is too tired or wants to chill. But still complains later about not having done anything.

THEN there's money. Im a SAHM so I try to be frugal and grateful. He'll always act like it is killing him to buy things and puts it off until like 5 minutes after we already need it and acts panicked. It's always either too early to buy something or we're both dying of stress because we need it NOW. Example? I'm 35 wks along (2cm dilated, lost my mucus plug, already had 2 false labor scares, it's my fourth and my body is great at fast early labors!) and we just bought the carseat, one pack of diapers and post partum pads yesterday.

I know it's hormones but I'm like 10 minutes away from my next meltdown!! Anyone else getting irate about some basic stuff?! Haha