PCOS and medication


When I was younger I always thought there might be something wrong with my reproductive system. Every once in awhile I would have a horrendous period or I would skip months at a time. I never went to the doctor because it was only once a year that I seemed to be having problems. I weighed about 125lb and I am 5'4".

Then I got married and instantly became pregnant at age 24 without really trying (my little miracle). I had a horrible pregnancy. I went to the ER on several occasions for severe dehydration due to uncontrollable vomiting around ten times a day. I also fainted a lot due to my sugars crashing. Despite all this I managed to gain 50lb while pregnant. My son however was perfectly normal (Thank you God).

After I had our son I got the Mirena because we wanted to wait at least a year before trying for another child. I got the Mirena removed and we started actively trying for a second child. I missed a period for two months when my son turned 2 so I went to the doctor and was then diagnosed with PCOS. It all made sense after my diagnosis.

Now its been 2 years and still nothing has worked. I managed to lose some weight and now weigh consistently 154. (Those last few lbs refuse to come off.) I've had regular periods for the last 5 months and this month: nothing.

I took a pregnancy test and it's a bfn. Everytime that stick turns out a "no" I am crushed a little more.

Is there anyone else out there with PCOS who has achieved a pregnancy? How did you do it? Which medications did you use? Did you do anything naturally?