His Child...šŸ˜”

So my Boyfriend has a child with another woman, and she hasn't been letting him see him for a fair while now, and all of a sudden she has popped up out of nowhere and said he can go and see his child. Now I'm absolutely over the moon for him because he's so excited and happy, but I have my issues. I think she's trying to either lure him back in or break his heart again by changing her mind and not letting him see his little boy again.. And I'm so jealous that she has a child with him and I don't, but that isn't a good enough reason for me to want to get pregnant, because that would be so selfish of me, but I feel so bad for feeling jealous every time he says "I'm so excited to see my boy!" Someone please tell me this is normal and I'm not alone šŸ˜” I feel so evil!Ā