Glucose test part 2.

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So I did my one hour glucose test today. Few things: 
-it was NOT as bad as I thought it was going to be. I am super sensitive to tastes, I gag at anything remotely gross, and I have a huge gigantic fear of puking. So, yeah, it's not pleasant but I had the orange kind (didn't taste like orange) and you know exactly what it tasted like? The syrup they put on a snow cone. They give you 5 minutes, which is a lot of time actually, but my advice is to not sip it. Take it in gulps :) 
-you are allowed to eat BEFORE the test. My doctor didn't tell me that, but she was surprised when I told her that I had fasted beforehand because she usually tells people to eat. You do have to fast for the 3hr one. 
-I was allowed to have a few sips of water after drinking the glucola so that was nice. 
In addition to drinking that drink and getting blood drawn, I also got my Rhogam shot and my Tdapp vaccine. I'm pretty much down for the count today. My body hurts so bad. But anything for my sweet baby girl! 
Seriously though, it's not that bad. You can do it!!!