Tubes tied don't feel right!

This is probably going to be the most ridiculous post to most of you, being that many of you use this site for trying to conceive. I on the other hand was using it to keep track of AF due to the fact that I became so irregular it was cause for concern. Let me start from the beginning, I used to be so fertile, I swear if I looked at someone I was getting pregnant lol. I couldn't take birth control due to health reasons, so after my sons birth in 06 I opted for an IUD. Once it was inserted I didn't feel the greatest due to bleeding for 8 mos. after the 8 mos of having it my bleeding stopped abruptly. I'm assuming the bleeding was from it not being positioned correctly and messing with my insides, because I ended up being pregnant with twins, which I now know is why the bleeding ceased. They tried to do an emergency removal of the IUD and my daughters twin came out attached to it as it was very early on in the pregnancy. I had many issues with my now remaining daughters pregnancy, including a failing cervix, preterm labor 3 times, high risk specialists and many hospital stays, as well as apparently a hole at the top back of her amniotic sac that constantly leaked bits of fluid out. She was born healthy and is now 8. I had my tubes tied 8 weeks after her birth at the age of 21. I was afraid to ever get pregnant again. Once my tubes were tied my AF became so irregular I was going sometimes 4 mos missed AF. After many tests through the years, and countless Drs. My health started failing. I went 2 years with my hips locking up and my stomach bloating to the size of a 6 month pregnancy within a matter of days. Finally the answers came after another ct scan due to what they thought was a cyst on my ovary. This past September I had surgery to remove it, only to discover that it wasn't a cyst on my ovary at all. It was my own calcified twin, I was born with attached to the back of my uterus. After removal things immediately got better and my cycles became normal again. Here it is now December, and I'm having pregnancy symptoms hardcore! I don't even want to believe that it could be a possibility, but I've done some researching and have found that I guess with certain factors such as age at tubal ligation as well as years past with certain procedures it is possible. I'd like to know if anyone else on here has become pregnant with tubes tied, or knows of anyone who has. To my knowledge it's highly unlikely, but just curious if I should be worried. Thank you for your time and I hope to receive some responses as I had no idea which area to post this kind of thing lol