Just need to vent

Just need to vent as I have no one to talk to.. I'm 11+3 weeks and have a horrible sinus cold. Called the doctor this morning to see what I can take, she tells me I can take ANY Tylenol product, robitssun and sudafed. So I take a 15 min break from work and walk to rite aid for some Tylenol sinus.. I feel totally like shit.. My husband who is a REHAB nurse, decides it's ok to go in my purse, get the box, decides he knows better than my DOCTOR and doesn't want me taking it. Suddenly he's smarter than a physician. My hormones and the fact that I feel so shitty have me a mess right now. Yes I said some hurtful things to him, but I'm hurt. How dare he? Hurts me even more I don't really have anyone to talk to about this. If I go to my mom she won't be impartial, as her marriage isn't the best and she'll just bad mouth him. I'm so angry, what makes him think he knows better? Not to mention I've been working in the OB field for over 10 years. I don't even want to see my husbands face right now, I'm in the bedroom waiting for him to come in here so I can sleep on the couch.. Childish I'm sure, but my hormones are running the show right now. Only person in the word that is supposed to be by my side through out this process is the biggest opposition right now. I'm not looking for any advise or words of wisdom.. Just venting so I don't explode inside. Thank you for reading!