Over reacting..?

Maybe I'm just overthinking it or just over reacting but at nights I can't sleep (insomnia) I just lay as still and comfy as I can and I also sleep with my boyfriend, before I say anything I told him I have a little problem with him masterbating because it makes me fell like I'm not needed or thinking about someone else because I know he has a few times and I told him I'm starting to stop holding him back from his old habits he did before we dated (been over 1 1/2 years) And told him he doesn't have to be doing it behind my back (by the way we have sex every day about 3/4 times, he does finish) every night and I noticed he touches him self when he thinks I'm asleep.. Sometimes when I move I accidentally put my hand or knee over this area and I find that his hand is there.. Always every single night and I feel him rubbing or shaking when I'm close.. It really bugs me.. Am I just being over sensitive about it?