Does marriage counseling work ?

My long story about my not so fairy tale unhappy ending. I met a guy and fell inlove. We were both damaged goods, but I did my best at giving him a clean sleigh (when it came to trust). He violated it time and time again. I allowed myself to settle on eloping for what I thought would be a short amount of time... Still 2 years later.. No ring.. And half of our family doesn't know my last name is different. I feel like I am trying so hard because marriage is so important to me.. However, he just keeps letting me down and violating my trust.. He says all the perfect things but his actions speak louder and very clearly.. He does the opposite. I told him non-negotiable marriage counseling and a ring.. Or I want a divorce. Which is the most devasting thing that could happen.. So my question .. Counseling does it work or is it time to move on ?