This is my second child, but my fiance first child. I really want to help him feel informed and involved. So for the baby shower I am making him a daddy go to tool box. With baby things that may be needed such as, but not limited too. Thermometer, wipes, butt paste, emergency phone numbers, etc. But I am thinking of making a book with growth charts. It will include growth charts, ages for certain development, charts that describe ok types of poop and bad types, ok fever and bad fever, what to do for fever, charts on how many diapers babies use during one day for each age group, when babies are introduced to food and what kinds for what ages. Things like that that I think will help my SO understand and feel informed. Do you think this is something that would be informative and appreciated.

FYI my fiance is very active with the pregnancy and has lots of questions.

Any input will be appreciated ???