Preterm labor got out of hand this time


So here I am, 24 hours into what will be a minmium 72 hour hospital stay. I knew something was up yesterday. I have contractions regularly pretty often but this, it was different. I literally felt this baby drop and lock her head into my pelvis. Then it was just soooo much pressure. I went to l& d where they determined I wasn't dilating and gave me a minor shot of meds and prepared to send me home. They said the contractions had stopped. But I felt them the same. I kept telling them. Finally they decided to check my cervix one more time to shut me up. In 2 hours I had gone from closed, high, not effaced at all to 1-2 cm 70% effaced. So now I'm stuck in the hospital getting steroids and this unpleasant magnesium drip. I'll be here at least 2 more nights. Then best case scenario is complete bed rest until baby comes. I'm 31 wks. Baby was confirmed in ultrasound to be head down, in the birth canal. (we couldn't even see her face Because it's so low and facing my back)

But to further back up my belief that my due date is actually a couple weeks sooner than they say( they estimated via ultrasound i counted from lmp) she's weighing in at just over 4 lbs, with head and limb measurements corresponding to 34 wks. Anyone else had to get magnesium and steroids? What was your experience?