Worst experience!!

Last night was a night I will never forget. My boyfriend and I were having sex and it wasn't rough or anything. About half way into it I started crying because I was in so much pain. No matter how gently he thruster there was so much pain. I recently let my endo flare up pretty bad since I've been indulging in food like there's no tomorrow and I'm having to go back to my organic gluten free diet because of the recent bouts of pain and nausea coming my way. Last night was just the gist of everything. I was in too much pain to even have him touch me, my entire abdomen, sides, back and upper abdomen were hurting so bad. He ended up having to hold me and comfort me because we couldn't continue. My question here is could it be something far beyond my endometriosis? Even as I sit now it hurts to have a bowel movement or sit or lay a certain way even bending over hurts. Should I have it checked out?