Is there any makeup brands out there for super sensitive skin?!!

This has been on and off for my skin but lately my mascara has been making my eyelids break out. They're red and itchy and are scaling constantly. I can't put on concealer to hide the redness bc then it'll only enhance the scaling peeling skin. :((( I've had this once before...
 I had ran out of my old mascara (lancome) I went to walmart and bought maybeline, and covergirl mascara. Those were what caused it to rash up bad the first time. My eyelids broke out and I had to wait it out until they healed. (A looong time)
I bought lancome again a few months later (hoping lancome wouldnt make my eyes break out). It was fine for awhile until 2 weeks ago. I used it daily (more than I usually would) and then my eyelids broke out again. :((
So now I know lancome mascara is bad for me too. :( Is there anything out there that is meant for super sensitive skin? Also makeup wise? I have acne and its hard trying to hide the redness.