Off depo shot for 2 months no period. Symptoms? Pregnant or period coming?

So I have been on the depo shot for like 6 months. I didn't get my next shot because I wanted to go on the pill. It's been almost 2 months since I have been on the depo. Was gonna start the pill then started having weird symptoms such as cramping lower back ache nausea food I love I about threw up eating the other day and the slightest bit of uncomfortableness with my breasts. I don't remember when my last period was. It sounds like period symptoms but no period I think I start run to the bathroom and it's just discharge. Some people have said they feel like they are pregnant on depo but usually I get my period within the first month I am off the shot. I have taken tests and they are all negative. I just want to either have my period or find out I'm pregnant I'm tired of this idk feeling. Anyone else get off depo and feel like this?