Please Read.


I want to take a moment to address something. Recently it seems to me like the world is falling apart and had become so ugly. It may just be my hormones, but I sadly feel like people get nastier and nastier day after day.

I have found myself guilty of being one of those people, and I am not myself lately. We have all become so offended by everything, and supporting one another has seemed to vanish right in front of our eyes. Opinions are no longer socially acceptable and constructive criticism is frowned upon.

I deactivated my Facebook account a few months ago because of this. I emotionally cannot handle seeing the way people treat each other, simply because they are behind a keyboard. I have opened my eyes so much since I ditched Facebook and I'm so happy I did, because now I feel connected to my surroundings and I understand life so much more. And believe me when I say life is not about feeling like you're better than everybody else. It's about making others feel good about themselves, and empowering one another.

I just want peace, and I want happiness. Especially during this time of year. I think we should all take a moment to tell someone you love them, say sorry, smile at a stranger, call an old friend, tell someone they're beautiful or write someone a letter and simply live life the way you're truly supposed to live.

I hope you all have a great night, and I wish you all the best on whatever journey you're going through. ❤