Anybody else? 🙋🏽

Victoria • Mommy of 1 baby boy 👦🏽 and an angel in heaven 💕
Anyone else become hesitant to post something EXCITING to YOU due to it always being that ONE person to rain on your parade?
It's like some people can't stand to see you happy about good news. Smh it's pathetic. Sometimes it makes me not wanna post on here, someone always has to point something negative out. Unfortunately the negative gets under my skin when it needs NOT TO.
Example? The other day I posted ONE of my positive HPT.. Two people out of the bunch of "congrats" decided to post they can barely see the line and how they had a positive and found out it was a bad test.. it was clear as day after 2 mins in PERSON (the pic I posted came from as soon as I saw it) as well as to 33 other people. 😐🙄
But yes... I'm definetly pregnant. 
Also.. It's not just this app sometimes.. It's social media in general as well lol I just wanna know who else is feeling me on this issue?