I had no idea that's the day my beautiful baby boy would make his entrance into the world. Literally the night before I cried a little thinking I would be pregnant forever. I woke up that morning at 39+4 and had some breakfast and went to go lie down in bed for a little. Well my son kicked me pretty hard and I heard this loud popping noise. I texted my mom and she said, "I bet it's your water. You should get out of bed and stand up and see." I was still in denial. Well I got up and it poured out like Niagara Falls lol. I ran into the dining room and told my husband I was having this baby and he's like, "You're getting it all over the floor!" 😂 This happened around 11 AM. I called my doctor and she said I could take a shower and go in. Well the contractions started fast. It was hard getting ready through them, but I wasn't timing them and had no idea how fast they were coming. Got to the hospital around 12:30 and they checked me and said I was already 5 centimeters! It took forever for them to get my IV in and take blood. I planned on going natural but my contractions came on so hard and fast that I couldn't handle it or breathe through them. Got the epidural around 3 and I was 9 centimeters! I had no idea how fast this baby was coming. My doctor came in a few minutes later and checked me and I was ready to go. She said she thought she was just coming in to say hi. After 4 minutes and two contractions my little boy was out at 3:52 PM. The anesthesiologist even said my epidural could have lasted way longer lol. I couldn't have asked for a better pregnancy, labor, delivery, or beautiful little boy 💙 We feel so blessed.