Should I not go as a punishment?

My question is : should I not go over to my MILs house because my husband didn't come home on time ? (Read story before judging)

Story: we usually visit my MIL on saturday or sunday, I go with my husband and take my daughter since I won't let him take her alone, for reasons because my MIL goes against my parenting ways and we don't like each other. Okay so, my husband went to his brothers soccer game which was at 2, he called me from his parents house at around 3:40 I asked him what time will he he home he said 4:15 well it's currently 4:58 most likely going to be over 5 o clock once i'm done typing this. The problem is , we live with my grandmother in a back home and have 2 cars both were insured but she took one off because my husband is on her insurance and my husband didn't' ever pay her so were sharing one car(the cars are both hers) she goes to church saturday afternoons and she has to leave at 5:15 the latest but for the past 2 saturdays he's been coming super late and she has to take the car that's not insured now it may not be a big deal to others but it is to us god forbid but in case of an accident she will be in some serious problems because of him. He doesn't ever pay for gas either, all i ask is he be more considerate since when she knows we need to go somewhere she will wait or risk it and take the other car since she drives locally only since she's 75 years old . knowing him he's going to ask to go to his mom's today so to be a total bitch I'm going to say no. If he wanted to stay over there he could of stopped by our house and let me drive him to his moms and I could of picked him up after church since he wants to be a dumbass. I feel like calling his moms house and asking to speak to him and demand he come home now but I don't want to sound like a total crazy bitch even though I'm sure they already know I am

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