Dream of miscarriage


It was waaay too real. Blood in the toilet and just crying my eyes out in the dream. I remember feeling so helpless and not knowing WHAT to do. I was so angry and sad. Woke up to my dog at the side of the bed and I was crying. I was so out of it and thought I was still in the dream like I had gone to bed mid morning just so I would sleep and not think about the miscarriage, but it was actually just past 7 am because my husband came home from his shift (fire fighter) and was trying to calm me down. Anyone else have dreams like this? We did hear the heartbeat last Tues so everything is fine.

I thought I was pregnant back in June, because I had never felt the way I had and AF was way late but she eventually came. I saw it looked like an air bubble about the size of a nickel in the toilet one day during AF. I thought it was weird and took a picture to show my friend who is a nurse. I ended up deleting it and not asking her about it figuring it wasn't anything. In September, I had a dream about that air bubble and it being a miscarriage. I woke up and looked it up on google and it was the very first picture that came up - that same type of air bubble. We were six weeks pregnant at that time. It sucks but at least now I know for sure what it was instead of wandering. But now I'm worried since I had this latest dream. I'm 18 weeks now. So long to go!