Strip club drama

Okay so my So and I are very homebody and if we go out it's normally with each other. Well since I've been pregnant & unable to drink goin out is pointless to me. The other night my guy begs me to let him go out with some co-workers for his boss birthday who is female (lesbian). He told me it was at a strip club which I didn't have a problem w/ we have been together a couple of times & he has even gone out with an old boss who was male but everyone was in a relationship. Not my problem started when he left he didn't say good bye matter if fact I didn't even know he left. He left everything on in the living space where he was at even left the door unlocked & left his phone home. But that's not it I'm constantly wakin up 45mins- 1hr to pee when I noticed the clock in my house read 430am I started to panic as my SO has never & I do mean never stayed out that late with out tellin me. I flipped my lid when he came strolling in at 5am. Am I wrong for still being so mad I just can't shake my anger towards him I feel hurt devastated. What would you do if you were in my position?