Have faith! ☺️ - my bfp story

I'm not one to post on here or comment. But I thought I'd share my experience of ttc with ladies who are losing hope of ttc.
So I'm 24, young right? But I have a 4, nearly 5yr old with my partner of 10yrs. We owned our own house and have great jobs. She was a complete surprise and was not planned. 
We got to her being 3.5yrs and decided we didn't want a 10yr age gap. So we started trying in September 2014. But nothing was happening...
Then we had a huge house fire (arson) in November 2014 on our newly purchased property -nightmare. We carried on trying despite the problems we had with the house. But the insurance company would not pay out. So, it got to a year (sept 2015) and still no BFP!! Starting to think there was something wrong. Periods were 35/40days apart (abnormal) and I promised myself I would go to the docs after Xmas to get checked out. I am a healthy weight and have a generally healthy lifestyle. In November we finally got told we were getting all the money from the insurance to fix our house (we are living with the inlaws currently) we were exstatic but still no baby on the cards.
On Christmas Day, I sat and looked at my dinner and couldn't stomach it and had to stand outside in the fresh air. Came to needing a pee and got the last of the many tests I had out. Then put it back (don't be silly, you have done a 100tests and it's never come back with the answer we wanted).
Come Boxing Day morning, still felt abit strange so I thought screw it. Pee'd on a clear blue digital and sat it on the side whilst washing the dishes and BAM!!! There was my BFP! 😍 we couldn't believe our eyes. I was 4weeks pregnant.
I honestly feel that as soon as the stress of the house eased, boom I was pregnant.
So if you are going through stressful times, don't give up and keep going. It took us 15months. My daughter is exstatic & we are so happy.
Spreading lots of baby dust out there 😘 xxxx