Cheating in a capstone course.

So in my capstone course for my degree all students are put into groups to work on research for our capstone course project. I'm a business major and each group was given an business to do our research on. Each week we have to post answers to questions out of our group. We have to post various links to the research we found. I posted mines to the group for grading by the professor. The next day I logged on and read one of my group mates answers only to see that he blatantly copy and pasted my answer and submitted it as his own work. The reason I know is because in my answer I posted guides and hints that would help me retrieve the information easily and I used a apa citation website for my citations and all of the information retrevial dates were the same. He didn't change the format of my answer at all. He didn't attempt to change anything in my post other than adding one website. There is no way possible that this guy found the same information I found on the same date and came to the same conclusion about the information as me.

Everyone in the group and my professor can see both of our responses. It looks like we copied off one another.

My question is should I email my teacher and explain the situation? It's already obvious that he copied off of me. Or should I let the professor handle the situation?

I personally think the person who cheated off of me should be kicked out of school. Because he obviously does not know what he is doing. The work is really easy if you have been paying attention in the prerequisite courses.