Give me advise someone please:(

Last year I was drunk with all my best friends (guys and girls) my new boyfriend didn't want me to go because he was worried I would cheat, I didn't think i would ever cheat on anyone EVER. But unfortunately that night one of my friends was drunk to and took advantage of me :/ was new to the whole relationship thing and I just blanked out. It is now 2016 and he still goes on about it, ( he didn't break up with me because he loves me) he yells at me and swears at me about it now, he just won't get over it. I have to ask him if I can go to my girlfriends house as if he's my parent, anyways what I need advice on is, is it selfish of me to ask him to get over it? I tried so hard to prove to him that I won't ever do it again but he doesn't trust me with anything! He now comes to Parties with me just so he can watch I don't get with anyone. What should I do?