Anyone's else's August babe not sleeping??

We switched him over to formula about a month ago cause I found myself supplementing and didn't want him in both for whatever reason at the time.... So I was feeding him during the night & felt it was getting a bit excessive.. He turned 5 months and I tried just giving him the pacifier at night and it worked!! He started sleeping through the night after about 3 nights of just giving him the pacifier. Well that lasted about 3 nights it slowly got worse to where we are in there every hour giving him the pacifier. I finally broke back down and fed him last night and he went back down for another 4 hours.. Please tell me someone else is going through this. Cause I feel like I'll never sleep again at this point. Our daughter slept through the night on her own at 3 months and my friend daughter who is exactly a month younger has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks.