Is this even possible?!

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I just want to know if this is possible or could the dr measured wrong? Please share stories of u have any! 
My friend and I are both pregnant we even have the same due date! Since I announce my pregnancy (she announced first) we have been updating each other on the growth of the baby progress of the pregnancy and just discomforts (my hubby says we are in competition lol) so on Jan 13th she had a growth scan and her baby weighed 4lbs 6oz at 34 weeks a couple of days b4 I had my scan and my baby weighed 4lbs 8oz. She just called me on wed Jan 27th and said she had another scan and the baby weighs 7lbs 10oz!! When I went in yesterday my baby weighs 5lbs 13oz and my dr said that the baby is at a perfect weight! Is it possible that her baby gained over 3lbs in about 3 weeks? Or could it have been a mistake in measurements? We are both currently 36 weeks and neither one of us have any health issues during the pregnancy. 
I'm just curious! Lol thanks in advance!