Painful discipline .

Soori • 22 | Married | 2 kids | Australia
So I was having lunch with a few other mummies and brought up the conversation about how I'm having trouble with my daughter, she's 1 she doesn't listen to me if I tell her no she screams at me and laughs at me like I'm just a big joke, she slaps me and bites me.. As I was explaing this to them I did put extra mention to how the biting really irritated me and I couldn't get her to stop. ALL the mums told me to bite her back so she screams tell her NO and walk away from her... Now I'm not bashing mums who do this but I just cannot bring myself a grown woman to bite my 1 year old daughter I'm now more so curious if other mums have done this or if not other ways you have handled this situation?