Vaginal Odor

UHM. Ew! Anyone else have this problem? I'm totally 100% ok. No yeast or any other type of infection. I wipe like 10 times after I'm done peeing to make sure EVERY THING is gone and not maybe one drop is left over. I'm super moist down there. I can feel it through my jeans. It's. So. Gross. I have to sit with my legs up because of the nerve in my leg, but every time I lift up my legs, you get a strong smell of...what...leftover urine? Dried discharge. It doesn't smell like dirty vagina or anything lol. It just literally smells like urine...or something along those lines. I also have to wear panty liners because of all my discharge. All my underwear are now ruined. Please tell me I'm not the only one. 😩😖