Second time mom but first time breastfeeding

Hello guys! Just had my little girl yesterday at 40+2. I was so excited to start breastfeeding and getting that connection this time.. But unfortunately we are having a bit of latching issues. I kinda knew I was going to have some issues as I have flats inverted nipples that do not stay out for very long. Baby girl is latching real quick but then letting go and pushing away and not sucking. She's having an issue getting a good latch. So basically right now in the hospital, I've been pumping my colostrum and syringe feeding her. Hubby just left to get nipple shields to see if that helps. 
Any mommies have any stories or advice or words of wisdom for me? This is definitely trying and she was so cranky last night and hungry and we just couldn't get this going, same as with today!