So I'm pregnant with baby number 1 and am 10 weeks 4 days. At work we have a girl who is pregnant with baby number 2 and is 14 weeks. She is always berating my pregnancy comments. I have pcos with insulin resistance and low progestrone. I have a higher chance of gestational diabetes and weight gain. I'm already way more bloated and can't wear 2 of my favorite pairs of jeans. I was making the comment that my business jacket is already snug and she goes, "it's all in your head. You ain't going to be showing till your about 16 weeks or so" first off I didn't say anything about showing. I'm talking about my heavy bloating. Second every pregnancy is different and every person is different. Just because she didn't gain a lot of weighty with her first doesn't mean I won't. It gets on my nerves. I made the comment that I know exactly where my baby is growing is because I feel the pressure from the uteruous on that particular side and spot. She said, "you can't feel the baby yet." I never once said I felt the baby. I said I felt the pressure on my side. I swear she thinks I'm dumb because it's baby  #1 and it's so annoying.