2/16 buddies??

Amanda C

So for the first month Glow and Ovia agree that AF will arrive on the 16th. They did not agree on my fertile window, but I decided to BD every other day from the end of my period to 4 days after the end of both fertile windows. So Glow days I had a TWW, ovia days it's am 11 day wait, but I BD up until yesterday. The only "symptom" I have is that I am not as dry as I usually am after I ovulate. I have thick white CM and my cervix is high and it also feels like it's posterior (towards my back) I have never felt it there before but have only been checking for a few months.

Anyone else due on the 16th?

Thinking I might test with a frer on Valentine's day morning.... It would be a great present for my hubby.