My neighbor is a psycho

So I live in an old house that is divided into 4 one bedroom apartments. I live on the main level, the one next to us is vacant, the guy on the upper right is down south for the winter and the people that live directly above us are crazy. The man that actually lives there is fine. Minds his own business but his son is a psycho! 4 nights in the past week at various times he's come home with his girlfriend violently screaming and cursing so loud that I can hear them before the even get out of their car. So tonight I call the police. Ty just talked to them for a couple minutes and left and as soon as they left he went outside then came back inside screaming and pounding on our door saying he was gonna beat up my boyfriend and have his girlfriend beat me up and then proceeded to stomp all the way up the stairs and throughout their apartment since it's right above us. Keep in mind this guy is no younger than late 20s and has a criminal record. Not sure what to do. Looks like we'll be moving out as soon as we find another place. 😔😣