Spousal problems

So I know my husband and I were having communication issues for about two years that we have been working on. I love him and he says he loves me. We weren't trying to get pregnant, but we are - I am thrilled because I miscarried last year and I have always wanted children, he says he is excited but doesn't show it.
I was laid off at the end of December and so was he ( I can't get unemployment because I wasn't "on the books" for at least 6 months), but he refused to follow up with unemployment. We have been struggling to pay bills. He has recently had some work because of snow removal in outer area- and I am always careful during those times because he doesn't get much sleep and snaps very easily. But now I'm doing everything around the house- laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc, and it's so exhausting. I don't take much breaks because if I do I won't finish. He comes home and relaxes for hours on end and then sleeps for 8+ hours. So yesterday his car breaks down and today I let him borrow my car, but he starts out the day with extreme attitude and sarcasm and complains that he doesn't have clean clothes (I told him I didn't have a basket to use unless he put his clean clothes away), but he had hours yesterday that he could have done it and decided to binge watch Netflix instead. I have been trying really hard not to start an argument with him because I'm frustrated that I'm not getting any help around the house, and I try to anticipate his needs: making lunch and dinner and peeping everything so that it's ready when he goes to work, but I can't help but feel like I am being treated like shit. And when I asked him if he could put away his clean clothes when he got home from work if he wasn't too tired he blew up at me and I barely said anything.
I feel like I should get a separation (can't file a divorce until 6 months of separation), and just move on. But idk, I have always had a hard time moving on from him because of my feelings. I have respect for myself and I know I'm worth more than how he treats me, but every time we separate I'm devastated by our loss and my love for him.
Any advice?
Thanks ladies.