Please read, advice needed!

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Sorry, it's a bit long! So... We've been ttc for almost a year now unsuccessfully, I'm fairly certain I have undiagnosed PCOS as my cycles have been anywhere from 12 days to 35 days before now (I was on BC pills for 10 years so I was really regular then). I'd been testing the last 3 months with OPKs and only ever received 1 positive result, on 25th Jan. Obviously did what your supposed to do ALOT that week, and so if I go off my longest previous cycle I'm technically 3 days late. I did a test on Monday morning which was Negative. I've had typical pre-period sensations (I don't often get pain, I can just feel stuff moving), usual irritable mood, but then Sunday night and Monday morning (TMI alert) like a pale pinkish discharge appeared. Since then, I've been super bloated, still the usual pre-period symptoms, tender breasts, and had a regular amount of clear watery discharge but no AF!? Hubs thinks I should test again but I don't wanna see another negative 😢 I'm trying to stay positive but I've seen on here women with PCOS have cycles of 50+ days! We have a fertility consultant appt on the 29th so we should get some answers from that, but what to do in the mean time? Anyone?