For tokers only

If you have a rude or nasty comment keep it to yourself. I got enough going on I don't need to deal with a holes. So I stopped smoking after I found out I was pregnant. I did not smoke to get high I used it more as an antidepressant anti anxiety before pregnancy. Well I gave birth two and a half weeks ago at 26 weeks. Smoking did not have anything to do with it I have an incompetent cervix and the cerclage did not hold. My grandmother passed away and I was so upset last night and could not stop crying that I broke down and hit the bowl a couple times. 5x to be exact. I had not started smoking after birth so I was still clean up until last night. My question is how long should I dump my milk for? I know it crosses into the milk. I already have so much in the freezer dumping it is not an issue either. I've always been a over producer. If anyone has an answer to this I would appreciate it. I should be clean again in about 3 days so my original thought was dump it until I show up clean again on a home test but do not know if this is accurate. Again I am only interested in answers from people that understand and not people that are trying to make me feel more like crap than I already do right now. Like I said I've got enough going on between my grandmother passing and going back and forth to see my daughter in the hospital while I still have two kids here that need me also. Thank you for your time.