Harmony prenatal test

I was wondering if anyone has had this particular prenatal genetic abnormality and gender screening blood test done?  And how it worked with your insurance?  My insurance requires a prior authorization  from provider>provider sent me to the testing company (for them to call the insurance company)>the testing company says they cannot send prior authorization to the insurance; that I would have to get the test done first, then the test company would send the insurance a retro auth. She send that even if the Insurance company does not cover the test (which by the way costs $3490 for genetic abnormality and gender screening!!), that my max out of pocket would be $130....  She also noted that they are out of network with my insurance company. It all just sounds too good to be true. And they aren't able to send this to me in writing for my protection but have set up a case file for me showing they gave me this $130 guarantee. Ugh. Sorry for the long post--to bring this on home I guess I am just wondering if anyone else has worked with this company in a similar situation and had it turn out as they described to me.  The test is called the Harmony prenatal test, processed by Ariosa Diagnostics. I am over age 35 and so I feel like the test would be covered by insurance but i don't want to get stuck with a huge bill if there is some exception. Thanks in advance!